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Bringing labs to the market!


Fundamental research and technology must go hand-in-hand to build on top of each other. However, India is far from it. There is a massive gap between the industry and academia. Scientific research is published but not materialised in the market. Scientists can contribute to the industry significantly more. At the same time, the industry can help probe deeper foundational questions.

Connecting Entrepreneurs with Scientists to Commercialize Research

Handholding Scientists with their own Entrepreneurial journey

Bridging Problems from Industry with Solutions from Scientists

Connecting Entrepreneurs with Scientists to Commercialize Research

If you are a Scientist:

We will get you connected to Entrepreneurs who resonate with your research and would be interested in putting it through a business model.

You can either choose to License your work or even join in as a Co-Founder.

You might also need to check with your university/institute for relevant policies.

If you are an Entrepreneur:

We will get you connected to Scientists whose research have potential to become a profitable and scalable business.

Handholding Scientists with their own Entrepreneurial journey

If you are a Scientist wanting to build your own Startup:

We will handhold you throughout your Startup journey till you learn to build a Profitable and Scalable Business by yourself. We are MORE than an incubator or accelerator. We are your CO-BUILDERS - just like your Co-Founders but WITHOUT equity.

We will be financially vested in your journey and our gain will only come through your SUCCESS.

Our Coaches will handhold you through:

- Business Strategy & Development

- Marketing & Sales

- Operations & HR

Our team comprises coaches with Scientific backgrounds alongside Business expertise and a passion for Technology Transfer.

Bridging Problems from Industry with Solutions from Scientists

If you are an Industry:

We will get you connected to Scientists with potential Solutions to your Problems.

If you are a Scientist:

We will get you Funding from the Industry where your Expertise will help the Industry Solve its Problems.

Are you someone with a Scientific background having Business Expertise and a Passion for Technology Transfer?

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