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The Curiosity Club

SciPop Media

Where science meets imagination!


Being able to understand how exactly the universe works is a right. Not being equipped with the technicalities shouldn't be a reason to suppress your curiosity. SciPop Media is a step in that direction. As children, we have always been inspired by Science and Technology, so why do we abandon it as adults? You don't need to anymore.

Image by Clayton Robbins

S&T Animation

Image by Jakob Owens

S&T Filmmaking

Image by Elena Koycheva

S&T Communication

Traditional, 2D, 3D, XR

Animation, SciFi, Documentary, Commercial

Illustration, Journalism, Writing, Podcasting

Teach Research.png

Indian PhDs and Postdocs face serious financial issues. At the same time, the industry struggles to provide quality education at scale to the masses. 
Why not bridge the two problems and solve them both at once? SciPop Media envisions doing exactly that through its platform.
If you are a Postdoc or an experienced PhD, share your insights with the world by 'teaching research'.
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